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The script has flipped quickly and dramatically in the last few days. In fact, the first ten days of the month of November was the 2nd warmest start on record in the Quad Cities and 4th warmest in Cedar Rapids.

In that warmth we had some impressive storm systems move through, bringing in high moisture levels and leading to high rainfall totals for November standards.

Now we're locked into the chill. Temperatures will be running 10-20 degrees below normal over the next week or so:

Temperatures will be running cool Monday:

Temperatures will be bumped up above freezing, though, due to an approaching storm system that will bring snow late Monday night into Tuesday:

Another wave will move in Wednesday:

Here's some of the model output for snow from Monday night through Wednesday night. The Euro:

The GFS:

The NAM:

This is still too far out to say with a ton of certainty, but definitely looking at 1-3" of accumulation with the possibility of locally higher amounts toward 4".

With these snow systems we'll continue to get cold air pulled in and it will remain through the end of the week and into the weekend:

We'll likely see the coldest air of the season during the Thursday to Sunday time frame.

Here we snow!


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