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It is with a heavy heart that I speak on the half of my family regarding the loss of a man I deeply admired and loved, my father Arnold "BOO" Swails who passed away at the age of 92.

He and mom were married in 1950 about the time this picture was taken. Their journey together began as high school sweethearts, and they never looked back. Joined at the hip their marriage lasted 71 years.

This picture in 1955 shows dad holding me clearing thinking, "what have I gotten myself into".

Dad was old school, he wasn't what you would call vocal. He let his actions do his speaking. Those of you who know me are fully aware of what a giant he was in my life. Dependable, humble, hard working, compassionate, and straight shooting. I could not have asked for more in a father and will miss his gentle way. However, we both knew this day was coming, and he laid out the stepping stones for me to follow. I'll never be the man he was, but I'll settle for something close. Death ended his life, but he lives on in my heart and always will. I may not see him, but I will feel him, and I take great comfort in that. Here's to you dad, to a life well lived. Keep the light on for the rest of us.

PS...This is Carolyn: I could not have asked for a more amazing man to be my father-in-law. He cared about me as he did his own kids. I always felt included in Boo's love, and will miss him terribly. Even at 92-years-old, it was still to soon to say goodbye. May he know how much he was deeply loved and appreciated.

Rebecca is reliably filling in for me until I can past the funeral Monday. I thank you all for you support and understanding in this challenging time.

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