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Today's blog comes to you from room 5747 of Finley Hospital, where I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery. One of the things I'm asked to do here is point to one of the faces below to indicate my level of post surgery pain. 12 hours post surgery, I'm the smiling dude in light green with a pain level of 1. Granted, I'm on some potent painkillers, but at least for the moment I'm feeling and looking good!.

Unfortunately, not looking as good as when I rocked this blue plastic surgery lid, which contrasts nicely with the green gown. You know, hospital fashion has never been better!

This is me as I tackle this post. I'm a little pasty, but at least I shaved. The razor is no longer a daily event for me.


If you're curious, a good hip socket should look like this. Lots of cartilage for the femoral ball to rotate smoothly within the socket.

Recently, my hip, thanks to osteoarthritis, has no cartilage, That means bones grinding on bones when my hip is in motion. That causes some unpleasant pain. My hip has this nasty appearance.

To fix the issue, I opted for robotic assisted anterior hip replacement. I got me some fresh parts that look like this.

So far, so good...


For the past 24 hours, a deepening trough out west has been gradually scooping moisture northward from the gulf. By the end of Wednesday it looks like this at 500mb.

A small disturbance ejecting NE ahead of the primary energy kicked off a few showers Tuesday night in the southeast. These have largely dissipated or will quickly exit the region around daybreak Wednesday. Highs will remain very mild in the low to mid 60s despite some passing clouds.

Wednesday evening, a cold front descends on the north, while a warm front approaches the south. The split forcing initially results in two bands of rain, one north and the other south. Eventually, one large band of rain develops Wednesday night and Thursday as the fronts consolidate and turn stationary south of I-80. With deep moisture pooled just south of the stalled boundary (dew points in the upper 50s), some locations near or just south of the warm front could see some scattered strong (surface based) storms, especially where instability is greatest, (south of HWY 34) Thursday. These are the risks SPC has in place as of Tuesday evening

Wednesday, SPC only has a marginal risk (level 1 out of 5) issued over the south.

Thursday, a slight risk (level 2) is indicated at the time of this post as far north as HWY 30. That could be the case, but I think that's too far north, particularly with critical instability limited once you get above and beyond HWY 34.

Again, mesoscale details unknown at this point will determine where and how much of a threat any storms will be across the south. Further north scattered storms are still possible, but these would be elevated in nature with hail the primary concern. Most spots should see another nice rain, and some 1/2 to 1 inch amounts are possible, heaviest where thunderstorms occur. Here's what models are suggesting for totals early in the game.



Whatever happens, Thursday will be a tricky day for temperatures due to the nearly stationary front which sets up shop somewhere in the south. North of the front, cooling east winds enhanced by the cold waters of Lake Michigan could keep highs near HWY 20 in the upper 40s to near 50. The south, especially south of I-80, should enjoy another toasty day with highs of 65 to perhaps 70 in the far south.

Thursday night precipitation wraps up as the storm shifts east. That allows for what looks to be a dry weekend containing progressively cooler temperatures, especially come Sunday. Highs should go from the 50s Friday and Saturday, to the 40s Sunday, and perhaps the mid to upper 30s Monday.

With that, It's been a super long day and that's all I've got in the tank for now. Until next time, love from room 5747 of Finley Hospital. Roll weather...TS



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