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It's August so of course it's going to be warm outside. We have a pattern change that will take over this coming week, though, and help knock back some of the heat.

This pattern typically delivers dry and (relatively) cooler air to the area. This doesn't mean that fall is coming, but we have several days coming with below normal temperatures.

On Sunday temperatures are going to be held back in the wake of the cold front that moved through Saturday:

Dew points will also be down by almost 10 degrees and it will feel much nicer outside as a result:

Temperatures and humidity levels will also be pretty similar on Monday:

A disturbance will pass through the southwestern portion of the state Monday night into Tuesday, bringing in clouds and perhaps some showers to my far southwest counties:

That will also aid in holding temperatures back:

Temperatures will hang near normal on Wednesday:

And get just a smidge warmer on Thursday:

You can see there will be likely little to no precipitation through Thursday in my local area:

The pattern may turn a bit more active for the end of the week and into the weekend.



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