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\l][,We will continue the back and forth fight with warm and cool air this week. Temperatures warming quite nicely Sunday afternoon, but another cool down is looming in a few days.

Temperatures will be back in the 70s on Monday:

And once again Tuesday:

That'll be ahead of a cold front late Tuesday into Wednesday:

Precipitation does not look terribly heavy, certainly not a drought buster. But it may even contain thunderstorms and will likely be a more widespread than last week's rain:

The Storm Prediction Center even has a marginal risk (1 out of 5) for severe weather:

There could be an isolated strong storm or two with gusty winds and hail, we'll have to examine that as we get closer.

Temperatures will then start to drop down for the second half of the week. A step down on Wednesday:

And even further on Thursday:

And then we'll drop back into the 30s Friday morning:

In the meantime enjoy the colors... and the warm air while they both last! RK