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Where's Rudolph when you need him? Fog was thick on Saturday after Friday's rain. Some dense fog will persist into Sunday morning as well. Sunday will start dry and temperatures will warm up once again into the 50s:

Rain will arrive late Sunday afternoon - Santa better have rain gear and not just reindeer!

Rain will be widespread and persist overnight into Christmas morning:

This system could drop a half an inch to around two inches of rain from western Illinois to western Iowa:

This is quite impressive because usually we see - on average - an inch and a half across the entire MONTH of December. This system will also be impressive in its temperatures:

This could be the fourth warmest Christmas on record for a lot of us. You can clearly see the cold air off to the west, though... and it's heading east. By Tuesday we lose 10 degrees:

It is possible some snow gets into the mix by Tuesday to the east of I-35, but there's some uncertainty on how much and exactly where:

Regardless it will be colder as we head into the end of the month and into the new year:

Enjoy this mild air while it lasts!

Rebecca Kopelman

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