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A disturbance is going to bring yet another round of wintry precipitation to the region. While the other systems had challenges with temperatures and dry air, there is a higher chance of accumulation into Sunday morning.

There will be some mixing as well, but here's a look at the snowfall totals on the HRRR through Sunday morning:

Here's a look at the forecast from the National Weather Service out of the Quad Cities:

There will be some slick roads as some light snow falls early Sunday. Temperatures will then be held to near/below 40:

Another system will move through later Sunday, mainly impacted south-central Iowa and Illinois:

Temperatures will remain close to 40 Monday and yet another system will bring some light rain to the region Monday night:

That will keep temperatures close to normal Tuesday:

And Wednesday some warmer air will be moving in gradually from west to east:

A ridge of high pressure - warm air - will send temperatures up higher and lead to a quiet few days:

And a much warmer day is on tap Thursday as a result:

Just one more bump in the road before we have a little warmth in December!

Rebecca Kopelman


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