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We're once again going to be caught in quite the dry stretch. At least we have some pleasant humidity to enjoy it with now and again. Sunday was gloomy to start but turned out pretty nice. Temperatures stayed below normal and, in fact, it was the first day below 80 degrees in Cedar Rapids (likely for many other cities too) in 23 days!

Now we are going to warm back up as we head through the week to our regularly scheduled programming...

10-day temperature trend for the Quad Cities:

And for Cedar Rapids:

Over the next week there will be the chance for rain, but once again there's not really a sign of an active/drought-busting pattern:

This is because of what's happening above our heads. An upper level low pressure system will linger, but we'll be caught in northwesterly flow:

This tends to be a dry flow for us... so a lot of the week will be warm and quiet. There will be a little disturbance, a shortwave, that comes through Friday into Saturday:

If that holds, that will be our next chance for rain. Practice your rain dance!

Rebecca Kopelman


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