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Saturday was a nice day. Ya know, relative to the two days we spent with sub-zero wind chills and sub-freezing temperatures. There was sunshine and a lot of the snow outside melted away.

Well, a little clipper is on track that will bring the chance for some light snow to the ground on Sunday. First, temperatures will climb into the 20s and 30s.

The clipper will move in during the afternoon hours. Due to temperatures being above freezing in southeast Iowa into Illinois, there could be a bit of rain/wintry mix at first. Then a changeover to light snow:

Snowfall accumulations will be pretty light in my area, with higher totals in Wisconsin:

Some of the amounts south of Highway 20 may be a little high, but much of Iowa could see at least a dusting of snow Sunday afternoon.

Monday will be colder, but dry and sunny:

I know everyone wants to know what will happen later this week. There will be a strong storm on Tuesday into Wednesday. There will be plenty of moisture with this system. There will be rain, snow, and ice with this system. The question is... exactly where does it track? We're starting to get a better clue. The storm likely cuts through the state of Iowa, but the exact track will determine just how much snow/ice falls and where.

Here's a few different models and their tracks on Tuesday...

The Euro:

The GFS:

The NAM:

Here's an example, with the European model, showing the accumulation of different precipitation types through Thursday. (Green is rain, blue is snow, orange is sleet, pink is freezing rain)

There will be tough travel with this system, especially late Tuesday through Wednesday. There will likely be 10" to maybe over a foot of snow in some parts of the Midwest. Just too soon to know exactly where, but Iowa is certainly in the crosshairs.

Be on the lookout for updates!



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