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We finally got some more rain around here... nothing drought busting but it's something! A friend in Marion, Mark Brown, sent me his rain gauge -- picking up almost a half an inch Saturday night!

Prior to this we had only had two days with measurable rain in the area. Our deficits for rain are on the order of 3 to 5 inches, so this is not going to completely solve these drought conditions:

Now we're back to the cycle - drier air is moving in behind the cold front and it will be noticeably nicer on Sunday afternoon. Temperatures will be in the upper 60s to low 70s:

Humidity will be considerably lower with dewpoints in the 40s:

It will be cool and refreshing Sunday night into Monday morning:

We'll stay dry as we start the week with humidity/moisture levels on the low side Monday:

And Tuesday:

There may be a bit more rain late in the week, we'll discuss more about it in my next post.

Rebecca Kopelman


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