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After a visit with spring it's off again. The April showers (and storms) have greened up the grass (and led to some damage with strong winds and tornadoes). But the warmth was short lived. We had a cooler day Sunday along with a gusty west wind.

Even cooler air is pushing in from the northwest where snow has recently fallen. We'll be in for a cooler day on Monday:

And - on top of that - it will still be breezy:

Winds die down and skies will be clear, setting up for a cold and potentially frosty night into early Tuesday:

We will be within a few degrees of records as well... if you've planted or have any sensitive flowers you'll want to take precautions and cover them up.

We'll have another cool, but sunny day on Tuesday:

Temperatures will remain in the 50s and 60s to end the week and we stay mostly dry as well. There's a slim chance for some scattered showers late Thursday:

I think we'll take the break from the rain, but I'm looking for the warmth to actually stick soon!


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