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Rain began falling Saturday night and will continue into Sunday. Some spots have gotten a decent amount of rain and others haven't seen much at all. Showers and storms may fill in more overnight into early Sunday morning:

There have already been Flash Flood Warnings in spots, especially north of Highway 20 where grounds are saturated. Some rain will continue through 2-4 pm on Sunday:

Unfortunately it seems not everyone will benefit from the rain. Here's one model showing the rainfall totals through Sunday afternoon:

Now let's compare that output to the current Drought Monitor in Iowa:

So there will be beneficial rain for some of these spots, but likely not going to bust the drought. The good news is there will be some additional showers and storms late Sunday night into Monday:

On the flip side, the rest of the week looks to be dry and the first week or so of September will likely be on the drier side as well:

Hopefully the rain this weekend falls in the right places!



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