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This weekend is quite the difference from last weekend. A week ago we were talking about 50s, 60s, and 70s. On Saturday a lot of us were stuck in the 30s! But we finally got some sunshine! This came after several days of clouds, rain, and snow.

Sunday will be sunny but still chilly --

Clouds will begin moving back in though on Monday ahead of our next storm system:

We'll be slightly warmer but still cool for Monday afternoon:

We'll be clouded over and still below normal on Tuesday:

The next storm arrives Tuesday evening with rain to start:

Warmer air and moisture gets pulled in as the storm moves through Wednesday. Temperatures get above normal for the first time in over a week as a result:

Showers and thunderstorms will persist through the day on Wednesday:

And then of course cooler air will move on in and lead to the possibility of some snow on the backside of the storm Wednesday night into Thursday:

We'll have to keep an eye on trends with snowfall, it's still to far out to know amounts for sure. We will likely see another round of soaking rains with around an inch expected in spots.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!



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