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The end of the weekend was nice and pleasant -- plenty of sunshine and low humidity to boot. It's starting to feel like fall... a time of year when things start to calm down. Severe weather can still happen and it can still get hot, but it does stat to happen less often. This week will be a good example of that.

High pressure will be in control for much of the week:

Monday is going to be nice and sunny and comfortable. Temperatures will be a bit warmer than Sunday:

Humidity will be on the low side:

There will be a cold front that moves through on Tuesday that will bump up the temperatures and humidity some. The bulk of the precipitation will be near and east of the Mississippi:

Humidity won't be terribly high, but it will be noticeable:

Drier air will zoom in on Tuesday night and it will be much more comfortable by Wednesday:

The rest of the week will be fairly quiet. Here's a look at the precipitation total through Friday:

Now this will be a nice break after several weeks of severe weather and flooding. There are still a lot of areas in the Midwest that are in need of rain. The latest drought monitor did show a lot of improvement especially in Iowa:

I think we could all use a little breather now and then, though! RK


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