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Having watched radar trends closely the past couple of hours and with fresh data to support my belief, it now looks like the 1 to perhaps 2" band of snow that will impact a small part of the region will likely stay just NW of the Quad City metro.

Six hours ago the EURO showed this for totals. A 2" bullseye over the QC metro.

The new run just in depicts amounts less than an inch with two bands splitting, one just to the NW and the other to the SE.

The latest GFS shows a comparable outcome.

Most areas will still see a light dusting of 1/4 to 1/2" with a few areas, especially just NW of the Quad Cities seeing up to an inch (maybe some isolated 2" totals). I did just get a report from Lowden, Iowa that it was snowing good with large flakes and already 1/2 inch of accumulation.

This is just the precursor to a more significant system which has the potential to bring a much more significant winter storm into the region New Year's day. I'll have a full update on the latest trends regarding that event in my next post. Roll weather...TS

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