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A storm system will continue to move through overnight into Monday morning. A few factors are leading to a low-end, but non-zero tornado threat in Illinois.

A cold front will be moving through and there will be the potential for some showers and storms early Monday, between 6 am to noon.

There will be just enough energy for the storms to develop and enough shear - or spin - around for storms to rotate and *potentially* produce a tornado.

This isn't a given, but it is a possibility at a time that isn't quite as common for tornadoes. The zone of possibility could still change, too. If you're in eastern Iow into western Illinois just make sure you're keeping a close eye on things. This is as a big low pressure is moving through:

That will contribute to the low-end severe threat as well as a chilly Monday. Temperatures will be held to around 70 and below normal:

Temperatures will be a bit warmer Tuesday, but staying near normal as the low pressure slowly moves:

Temperatures will continue to warm up through the week as high pressure replaces low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere:

Fall-like to start with a summery finish to the week.

Rebecca Kopelman


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