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The sun finally returned on Sunday but it came with very strong winds throughout the day. The blustery conditions will persist into the new week In fact, Red Flag Warnings have been posted for a big chunk of the western U.S.

The combination of dry air, warm temperatures, and strong winds increases the fire danger in these areas for Monday. Here's a look at the latest from the National Weather Service:

Winds will be increasing through the morning and gusts will be around 35-50 mph:

The strong southerly winds will help boost temperature to near 70°

Winds will then turn out of the northwest on Tuesday and send in some cooler air:

You'll more so notice the temperature change with this front because little to no precipitation is expected as it moves through Tuesday morning:

Temperatures will be around 20° cooler by Tuesday afternoon compared to Monday:

Winds will remain kind of gusty on Wednesday and temperatures remain cool:

It will take until Friday for temperatures to recover and then we head into nice, springy temperatures for the first weekend of April... no fooling here! Temperature trend for the Quad Cities:

Temperature trend for Cedar Rapids:



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