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It was a night to remember!

Terry and I are so grateful to the good people of Galena, Illinois for giving us an amazing wedding and an unforgettable night. I think we both were a bit surprised at how emotional it was for us to renew our wedding vows after thirty years of marriage. At the end of the day, it was one of the most important things we’ve done as a couple.

We are also grateful to the many family and friends who came long distances to be a part of our celebration. It truly meant the world to have you there.

A huge thank you to all the merchants of Galena who were apart of the Wedding In A Window. I know it took a village to pull off this huge event. I would like to especially thank the Ramada Inn in Galena for their amazing support, patience, and decorations of the banquet hall, Also a thank you to the Goldmoor Inn for our incredible digs, to Fred and Fried Green Tomatoes for its show-stopping lasagna, to Jeff and Cathy with UnPosed Photography for their unbelievable photos, Vignettes for the venue, and I Do Bridal for the beautiful dress. Also a shout out to Darlene and Wendy for all their organizational efforts! These are just a tiny number of the many, many stores and shops who came together to make this such a special night for us. Thank you to all.

I’ve included a few photos from the day. We had snow! Made for some amazing pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Terry and I wish you an amazing New Year! Thank you for being apart of

We consider you all…family.



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