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Weather impacts us all! Which is why when you advertise with, you will reach a large and diverse audience.

PLUS! We are hugely popular with the Midwest audience with the most buying power.’s largest base of users are between the ages of 18-to-50 years of age. They are young, active, and always looking for something new. We enjoy an equal number of men and women visiting the site, and they are coming from all over the Midwest. Our areas of high impact include Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri.

Here are more reasons to advertise with We have the ability to be very creative. Do you just want to advertise an upcoming event for a month or so? Sure, we can do that. Is there a way that Terry Swails can help build your company or business. Let’s talk! Whether it’s a video, severe weather presentation, or simply a meet-n-greet, we can make things happen. Are you a weather-related business? Let Terry be a spokesperson for your site. He is the one of the most recognized meteorologists in the Midwest with more than 40 years of experience.

Here's what Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling from WGN News in Chicago had to say about Terry. "Terry Swails is one of the country's best known and highly respected broadcast meteorologists."

WHY ELSE? Our advertising rates are beyond reasonable. We are not getting rich over here, we are just trying to meet costs, and put out the best possible product for our audience.

Right now we have ad space available in both banners and box ads. There are nine highly visible positions to advertise your business!

Really, what’s not to love?

Plus, have you ever wanted to chase tornadoes? We are now offering the opportunity to chase with this spring for a reasonable deal.

Contact Carolyn at for the details. Seats are limited.


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