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Now available a must-have for all weather enthusiasts! is offering a one-of-a-kind storm chaser t-shirt available in most sizes. This is the official t-shirt for the 2017 "Into The Storm" Chase Powered by Dahl Ford. All of our team members will be given one for the chase, but you can have one too!

The shirts are being offered for a limited time, so make sure to let us know if you are interested. They also make an excellent gift for that extreme weather enthusiast in the family.

The t-shirts are $24.99 plus $4.99 for shipping and handling. We accept cash and checks. Just go ahead and email me at if you are interested. Let me know the size you need and I'll send it out.

The 2017 "Into The Storm" Chase Powered by Dahl Ford is only about five weeks away. We are departing May 26th with a team of professional storm chasers/meteorologists comprised of Kholby Martin, Russ Smith, and Ethan Schisler. Also going along will be Terry, John Miller (IT guy and experienced storm chaser), Blaine Hilton, Scott Haynes, Don McCoy, Stephen McCoy, and Matt Schwind.

With the extreme weather season already off to a robust start, there is a lot of optimism that our team will be able to track down some of the most incredible weather phenomenon to be seen. As always there will be an emphasis on safety and common sense. Our team members have a deep respect for Mother Nature and that is why they have safely captured hundreds of tornadoes in their decades-long careers.

So join us in spirit with your storm chaser t-shirt and we'll make sure to include all the videos, photos, blogs, and comments on As Terry says, "Roll Weather!"


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