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Despite active weather around the Midwest recently, many places that needed rain... didn't get a whole lot. There are still parts of the Upper Midwest that are still in the hole as far as rainfall is concerned. Take a look at the rainfall over the last 30 days -

There are MANY places that got plenty of rain, but southeastern Iowa into parts of Illinois and Missouri were not as fortunate. Here's a list of a few spots with deficits for the summer so far (since June 1):

June is typically the wettest month of the year, but this is still a rainy time of year. Below is a chart of the average rainfall per month in Cedar Rapids.

While June is the peak, July and August are not far behind. For Cedar Rapids, both average around four and a half inches of rain a piece.

July has gotten off to a nice and calm start so far, but it will be active over the next few days. A cold front is moving through the Midwest and is going to stall out and lead to multiple rounds of showers and storms. Here's a look at the simulated radar on the GFS through Thursday evening:

Showers and storms should be around on a scattered basis Monday through Thursday (yes, including on the 4th). There will be potential for some decent accumulations (around an inch). Here's the total precipitation for the next five days on the GFS and Euro respectively:

To get rain, you have to have moisture. So it's going to be plenty muggy around here for the next few days... dew points could be near and above 70 for 4 days in a row! I call that air you can wear!


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