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The humidity has been high around these parts for several days.. that came to an end Friday as a cold front moved through the Upper Midwest. Dew points have dropped to pretty comfortable values for the first time in five days -

The dry air will settle in and lead to a pretty pleasant day on Saturday across much of the Midwest. Here are the expected high temperatures -

Temperatures will still be warm, but the humidity will be relatively low. Of course... this doesn't last. Heat is already knocking on the doorstep with 90s littered across the Central and Southern Plains. Terry's last post talked about the "Ring of Fire" pattern that is about to set up. We go from this upper level pattern on Saturday:

To this by the middle of the week:

A big 'ol ridge is going to move in and park over the United States for much of next week.. and perhaps the week after. Summer is on! And climatologically speaking this is the hottest time of year. Here's the temperatures for the next 16 days on the EPS (European ensemble) to show how long-lived the heat may be - (Cedar Rapids, Moline, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Omaha)

What else to say but enjoy this weekend because the heat is on!!!


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