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Showers and thunderstorms moved through on Saturday and now colder, fall air will settle in - pretty typical for an October system. A few strong storms moved in with strong winds and heavy rain. Below are the storm reports from Saturday:

One to three inch rainfall totals were reported with up to five inches reported in spots (Moline spotter reported 5.6"). Lots of beneficial rain that will help the drought that developed due to the abnormally dry summer. Now a little taste of fall...

A trough will move in and lead to cooler air... for a little while. Temperatures on Sunday will be near and below normal with very dry air in place. A true fall day!

The weather will be calm but the cool temperatures won't last and by Thursday temperature anomalies look like this:

Five to even 20 degrees above normal in parts of the Midwest! Which isn't overly warm this time of year - temperatures in the 60s and 70s - but above normal nonetheless. The weather will be pretty calm through the week and in fact the next week. Here's the total precipitation on the GFS and European the next 7 days:

Most of the rain in Illinois and Missouri is from Saturday evening and beyond that totals will be light.

Enjoy the calmer weather on the way...


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