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It's been a mild start to fall so far but that's about to change. The first cold front moved through Saturday night and lead to showers and thunderstorms:

A second front will move through Monday and will move through pretty quietly - there will be clouds ahead of the front and possibly some areas of light rain/drizzle.

This front is going to pack a punch though. Winds will pick up and cold air will rush in. Temperatures will be near 50 degrees Tuesday afternoon, but with 15 to 25 mph winds it will feel much colder. Here are the feels like temperatures Tuesday afternoon -

Temperatures will remain near and below normal through the rest of the week. Then ANOTHER front moves in during the end of the week.

Even colder air moves in and with this system we could experience our first freeze and even our first snowflakes in parts of the Midwest. Still plenty of time for the specifics on snow but we can take an early look at the cold.

Many parts of the Midwest have yet to have their first freeze of the season:

This is a week or two later than normal in my local area and it looks like we'll have a good shot at our first freeze this upcoming Friday or Saturday morning:

Two fronts this week will be cold, wind and maybe some flakes... Break out the coats!


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