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Cold air has settled in and is here to stay through the weekend. Temperatures Friday was colder by 30 degrees compared to Thursday afternoon and many saw their first snowflakes of the season.

Some snow accumulated on the grass near Clear Lake, Iowa in the afternoon. Further north into Minnesota there were accumulating snows upward of eight inches on Friday! The snow is largely coming to an end across the Upper Midwest but the cold is here to stay.

Temperatures will still be cold on Saturday afternoon with a bit of a breeze.

Winds won't be as strong as Friday but will still create a wind chill about 10 to 15 degrees lower than the actual temperature. It's going to be even colder in the nights.. and Saturday night will be the coldest night since late March....

Temperatures will be well into the 20s across much of the Midwest which will likely mark the end of the growing season and get rid of a lot of bugs (sorry, bugs!). Friday night Freeze Warnings were posted across much of the central U.S. and many warnings will hold into Sunday morning as well.

The cold air will remain through the end of the weekend with temperatures below normal in the 40s and 50s. The coldest of the air will be moving to the east on Sunday but there is another dose of cold looming.

Another shot of cold air will move in and keep temperatures well below normal as we enter next week. Not looking at any more snow in the short term but for now... stay warm!


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