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Temperatures have been running near and below normal for much of the week in the Upper Midwest. Much of the snow that fell earlier in the week has started to melt away. It is going to be a pretty cool weekend and a weak system will move through the Midwest, too.

Here's the expected high temperatures Saturday afternoon -

It will be mostly dry on Saturday before a wintry mix/light snow moves in. There have been some big swings in the models in regards to this system, but they're starting to come back into agreement. Here's the NAM showing the path of the storm -

The greater moisture and forcing in generally in southwestern Iowa into Nebraska and Missouri. Here's a look at the snowfall output from the GFS, European, NAM, and hi-resolution NAM -

A definite trend for the snow to stay to the south west of my local area. However, there could be some light snow early Sunday as the system moves out. Amounts overall will be pretty light with the highest totals around the IA/MO border. (And Terry bet on the Euro is his last post... and that'd be a good place to bet!)

While not everyone will get the snow... everyone will be changing the clocks Saturday night into Sunday morning as we Spring Forward for Daylight Saving Time. It'll still be cool on Sunday...

Additionally Astronomical Spring begins March 20th... before we get there, there will be some signs of spring!

There has been signs of warmer air coming in during the middle of March. Temperatures will be near and above normal during this time. There are also signs that this warmth doesn't stick and there could be a cool down at the end of the month.

Winter is still hanging around....


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