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Snow is beginning to melt and temperatures are holding near and above freezing. Wednesday started off with dense fog in my local area... and it put on an impressive show in Cedar Rapids.

The fog formed as warm air moved in over the cold snowy ground. With sunshine temperatures climb into the 50s... but the snowpack held temperatures in the 30s and 40s Wednesday afternoon.

The next two days will be cloudy, but calm. Thursday's temperatures...

And Friday...

The next system to impact the Midwest will move in Friday night into Saturday. The storm will take a track close to the Iowa/Minnesota border.

Rain will be likely in Iowa, Illinois and into Missouri. There will be snow in Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. Colder air will move in through the day Saturday and there may be a transition to light snow in portions of Iowa, but that solution is not clear right now. Regardless of the snow... temperatures really cool down for Easter Sunday.

You'll have to bundle up for the trip to church and maybe move the egg hunts indoors. This will likely be the coldest Easter since 2008.

And the search for spring continues....


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