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Another late season round of snow is expected to impact the central Midwest late Sunday afternoon into Sunday night. The system is not overly strong and will be in a weakening phase as it grinds to the southeast. However, it should still have enough moisture and forcing to dump 1-4" of snow across much of my area.

The heaviest amounts are expected in Iowa where winter weather advisories have been issued. Amounts will taper off quickly east of the Mississippi where dry air is firmly entrenched. You can see the various counties around the Midwest covered in advisories.

Here's a larger perspective of the advisories.

The latest hi-res 3k NAM snowfall forecast looks like this.

The experimental snowfall forecast from the NWS in the Quad Cities has this.

Again the snow does not get underway until very late Sunday afternoon in most of my region. With temperatures initially above freezing it may take until sunset for roads to become slick. While this is not a high end event some areas will feel the impacts of this late season snowfall with slow travel conditions Sunday night. Hopefully this is the last of the snow for this season! Roll weather...TS

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