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There has been no shortage of moisture around here the last couple of days. We've just been missing a trigger for rain. That changed on Friday afternoon as storms formed out ahead of a cold front.

Some strong to severe thunderstorms developed and produced strong winds, large hail, nonstop lightning and heavy rain.

You can see the convective streaks in the rainfall totals from Friday - you can see the individual storms based off the rainfall totals.

And the storms provided some neat views too. This is a photo of the shelf cloud in Galena snapped by Christine Wand..

Now we're drying out for the weekend... and heating up! Saturday will likely mark the first 90 degree day of the year for many in the Upper Midwest -

Toasty! And on top of that... the humidity will be high.

Some dew points seem high, but it is going to be sticky with dew points in the mid to upper 60s. And then we do it all over again on Sunday...

And Monday...

It will be a dry, sunny, hot and humid Memorial Day Weekend.


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