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We're going to talk about the record breaking heat of the weekend in a moment, but first some a housekeeping item!

We appreciate your support on and we know many of you access it from Facebook. Because Facebook has changed the way you see posts. We want to make sure you are seeing our posts. One way you can do this is on Facebook - go to Terry's Facebook page then hover over "Following" and click "See First."

Now let's talk about this heat! It was a scorcher on Sunday not just in my local area, but across the central part of the country!

This is not just hot... it's record hot. And unusual for May. In fact the last time we had a 90 degree day in the month of May in my local area was 2013. And we broke records all across the Midwest -

Here are some of the numbers around the Upper Midwest -

Moline hits 97, previous record: 94 (2012)

Burlington hits 98, previous record: 93 (2012)

Cedar Rapids his 97, previous record: 94 (1914)

Dubuque hits 95, previous record: 94 (1874)