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While Terry and the gang are out chasing we have some storms of our own back home. A cold front will move through Saturday and has already brought showers and thunderstorms to parts of the area this morning. Otherwise it will be cloudy and windy with temperatures in the 70s Saturday.

This will be the first time temperatures have been below 80 degrees in much of the Upper Midwest in about a week and a half. Then another round of storms will develop this afternoon and evening, with the higher chances near and east of the Mississippi and into Missouri.

Then drier air moves in and we'll get some relief from the summery heat on Sunday. There will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be right around average. And it will be a bit breezy.

Humidity will be much lower with dew points in the 50s!

That will feel mighty nice after about ten days of dew points in the 60s and 70s!

Sunday will be a beaut! Relief comes for just a bit before temperatures start to climb up through the 80s next week. Look for an update from the road later today from the TSwails Into the Storm Tornado Chase, spososred by Dahl Ford.

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