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Strong to severe thunderstorms with torrential rains battered much of the central Midwest the past 24 hours. Some of the worst weather hit far southeast Minnesota and SW Wisconsin Monday night where some 12" rainfall reports were measured.

Vernon county, Wisconsin was hard hit with widespread flooding and some evacuations.

Later Tuesday the same disturbance fired powerful storms that crossed my southern counties. A classic bow echo developed producing numerous reports of strong winds, some as high as 82 mph at the Iowa City airport. Look at that beast below as it roared across the Mississippi River.

Here's a view of the supercell that produced the wind damage in Iowa City along with flash flooding.

The shelf cloud as it approached the Old Capital in downtown Iowa City. A tornado warning was issued.

The same shelf cloud hitting Leclair, Iowa from Brett Goss.

Flash flooding in Iowa City following the storm.

Tree crushes a car in Iowa City.

Behind the front much cooler air is on its way to the Midwest. Look at the snow the same system produced in Glacier National Park at about 6,500' elevation. I believe this was one of the earliest (if not the earliest) snows at this location.

Of course the cool air gets significantly modified by the time it gets here. Even so, you can expect a noticeable difference. Here's tomorrow's temperature at 7:00pm. Widespread 60s!

By Thursday morning lows will hit the 40s in many spots. A fall-like atmosphere. Unfortunately the flip to autumn came with a cost, big storms and heavy rain for many.

The nice weather will be around for only a couple of days before warm muggy air and thunderstorm chances return for the holiday weekend. We'll fine tune the timing in coming days. Enjoy the break in the humidity and happy hump day. Roll weather...TS

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