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When Did THIS Happen!

Your brain tells you this will happen. Common sense demands that you come to grips with it. Everyone warns you. But still some worm burrows deep into your temporal lobe denying you the ability to fully understand that some day...this day....your daughter will no longer be your little girl. .

And so it happened to both Terry and me. It was like fireworks went off, rockets launched, and the ground shook. We finally figured it out. Eden is no longer a child. She is beginning to experience the world, and it is time to let bird fly the coop (for short periods anyway). In just a few years, she'll be spreading her wings full span when she goes off to college.

But last weekend was a hallmark. She experienced her first Homecoming. With a group of her friends, they hit Culvers for dinner and then the dance at the High School. She had a blast. When we picked her up afterwards, she was glowing. Growing up is definitely agreeing with her.

So here are a few photos from her big night. Thanks for humoring a couple of parents who are crazy proud of their kid.


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