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The 45 day period September 1st to October 15th was one of the more intense and extreme periods of weather of my 42 year career, especially for the time of year. From numerous tornado warnings (11 actual tornadoes), to record breaking rains and floods, as well as early season snows, I spent substantially more time than usual at the station.

As one who enjoys witnessing and forecasting the extremes of Midwest weather, I can honestly say I was ready for the break we've experienced the past 7 days, I actually even took a few days off...nice to see the family again!

Meteorologist Nick Stewart, a member of my weather team at KGAN CBS2 took the time to look back at the period. In a condensed format, he was able to chronicle the major highlights. So, as I catch up on long neglected personal issues, I'll let you relive the 45 day weather insanity that was September 1st-October 15th. All you need to do is click here. Roll weather...TS

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