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After a nice break from ice and snow the next winter storm is knocking on the door. The interesting thing about this system will be the long duration of the impending snow. Most models indicate snow could fall for more than 24 hours starting Saturday night and not ending until sometime early Monday morning.

The long duration and slightly higher moisture levels on Friday's models would indicate moderate snowfall totals. It certainly appears a fluffy snow of 3-5", perhaps 6" in a few spots is looking more and more likely.

In anticipation of the event, the NWS has issued widespread winter weather advisories for many parts of the central Midwest including my area. The advisory is long lasting going from Saturday night to Midnight Sunday. These will likely be extended further east into parts of Wisconsin and N. Illinois, maybe by daybreak Saturday.

Here are the latest snowfall forecasts as of late Friday night.


The regional perspective of the EURO



The 3k NAM

The Weather Prediction Center has 90-95% odds of 2 or more inches of snow in my area.

This is not the last of the snow either. Another healthy snow maker is due Tuesday night and Wednesday. The EURO shows this for snowfall from that storm.

The regional perspective of the EURO

The GFS for the same period.

Between the two systems its possible some parts of my area could see up to a foot of snow between Saturday night and Wednesday. Wow...when you're hot you're hot! Roll weather...TS