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The annual Storm Chase is less than two months away. We are finalizing plans and still have two seats left. We would love to fill the available spots with you and a friend! So here's the deal. If you and a buddy (or even a stranger) are willing to share a room, then we can offer you the week-long trip with our experienced team of and room included...for an unbeatable price.

How good is this deal? Here's the bottom line, you and your roomate would save $1,000 total for the trip of a lifetime. The normal cost with us would be $2300 ($2400 for a single room). Most other tours are more than $3,000. So for two people sharing a room, your cost would be $1800 apiece. That is rock bottom.

So for this one-of-kind week long Adventure-CATION, you are getting a super sweet deal. To make it even better we'll even include all of Terry's books, a bobble head, custom t/shirt, and a nice little surprise bonus. We urge you to check out the video below with all the basics of the trip. You can also click here for additional details. See for yourself why this is a dream Adventure-CATION!

This is a limited time offer, so please let us know as soon as you can. You can email Carolyn at

Once again we are dedicated, experienced, flat out fun folks to hang with for a week. We would thrilled to have you as a member of this year's team!Don't miss out and send us a message.


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