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To no ones surprise the period April 2018 to May 2019 is the wettest on record across the contiguous United States going back to 1896. The mean of 36.08" across the nation is about 6.00" above the long term average.

Here's some of the totals recorded in the corn belt from April 1, 2018 to May 20, 2019. The most shown is 78.99" around Clarion, Iowa. New Hampton is right behind at 76.76". Wow, that is impressive!

Here are the associated departures...almost 40" above near Clarion.

It's no wonder soil moisture levels are at all time records with many spots at 99 percent saturation. I know of one farmer in central Illinois who has planted only 60 of his 5,000 acres. Combine that with the cool temperatures and it's getting serious for many agricultural producers.

Our most recent storm is on its way out after causing all kinds of problems over the central United States the past couple of days. Tuesday there were 37 reports of tornadoes.

Monday (which was expected to be the biggest day) had 26 reports. Once again my area was fortunate enough to miss out on the action and as of today not a single tornado watch has been issued and none have touched down in the state of Iowa.