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This past winter was one that kept on giving here in the Midwest. Months later there's still some gas in the tank as evidenced by Thursday mornings lows. Most of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin were in the 30s. Dang, that ain't summer!

Hibbing and Crane Lake in NE Minnesota dipped well below freezing registering lows of 28! The 28 in Hibbing was good enough for a new record low. Here's a list of lows from NE Minnesota and NW Wisconsin. A frosty start to the day in the Northland.

Below you can see some of the cities which approached or surpassed record lows Thursday morning.

The coldest reading in Iowa was 40 in Estherville with a 42 reported at Spencer.

Now that the high pressure responsible for bringing the chill is off to the east the return flow of southerly winds will bring moisture, clouds, and eventually precipitation possibilities back to the Midwest, The best chances for rain in my area are expected to be on Saturday. The EURO shows this Saturday evening.

The GFS is further north and shows a heavy rain threat along and south of I-80 Saturday evening.

There is some CAPE (instability) meaning a few of the storms could reach low end severe parameters. I would not be surprised to see SPC place some parts of the Midwest in a slight risk area in later outlooks but I'm not overly concerned as surface inflow and shear looks modest.

By Sunday (Father's Day) most models are depicting much of the forcing for any additional rain further off to the south leaving my area dry. Temperatures should remain mild in the upper 70s to near 80. All things considered, it should be a decent Father's day fit for outdoor activities. Happy Friday and roll weather...TS

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