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We're over half way through 2019 and it's been all over the board weather wise. The funny/ironic part about that is it tends to even things out. Precipitation, for example, was well above normal in May and June. We were talking about flooding along the Mississippi at record levels and the water staying above flood stage for the longest period of time on record.

On July first the river fell below flood stage across southern Iowa, northern Illinois and northern Missouri on July first. Now, just a few weeks later there are "abnormally dry conditions" on the Drought Monitor in those same spots.

Iowa City is pacing as the third driest July on record and the Quad Cities is pacing as the fourth driest. However because we've had these big extremes... annual precipitation (since January first) is actually right around normal...

We've already talked about the temperature swings we've had. We had all-time record low temperatures in late January and wind chills in the 50s and 60s below zero. Then we went to extreme heat in July with heat index values around 100 to 115 degrees.

Now temperatures are going to stay fairly close to normal and even below normal during the end of July through the beginning of August. Here's the outlook from the Climate Prediction Center through August 11th.

In terms of precipitation there will be storms Sunday night into Monday morning and then it will be dry for the rest of the week. The pattern will likely remain on the drier side too as we head into the beginning of August.

We can use the rain, so here's to hoping for a wet end to summer...


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