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A strong storm will come through the Midwest to start the week. As Terry mentioned in his last post there will be showers and thunderstorms around as it sweeps on through.

Temperatures will then get knocked back behind this front. We'll go from near normal temperatures Monday afternoon:

To temperatures running five to ten degrees below normal and wind chills on Tuesday afternoon. Here's the feels like temperature Tuesday -

To get a wind chill, of course, you need wind. The wind will be roaring behind this system on Tuesday and lead to lots of trees losing their leaves, too.

Sustained winds will be around 10-20 mph with wind gusts upward of 40 mph during the day.

This bout of cold air is expected to continue through the end of the month and into November (so Halloween right now is looking to be on the chilly side). Here's the Climate Prediction Center through November 3rd:

This is due to northwest flow setting up aloft, which generally promotes colder and drier weather.

Northwest flow is going to be a common pattern over the next week or two.

Here's a look at the actual temperature output on the European ensemble model through November 4th for Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities -

The other side of the coin is the dry weather that is expected. Here's the precipitation outlook from the CPC for the same time period (through November 3rd):

This is not to say that there won't be a warmer day or a decent rain between now and then, but this is showing the trend as we head into November.


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