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Hello everyone. I've picked up a few more subscribers as the push continues to meet my fund raising goal. (only 114 more to go). As you know this is a voluntary subscription fee and it's very special when any of you digs into your funds out of respect for the product. Going forward, my goal is to be my own boss and control my future without the demands and constraints of the corporate world. I want to grow this site, add new features, and share my passion for weather with you. So it is that I ask for a voluntary fee of $12 dollars a year ($1 dollar per month) to make it happen. The future of the site is dependent on your contributions. We hope you see the value and hard work that exists in the daily content. Rest assured there are new features that are in development that I think you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your consideration and help. To subscribe click on the secure green box below. Roll weather.


Snow has developed here in Cedar Rapids and has begun to accumulate on grassy surfaces. It's game on for the next round of winter weather. I do have a couple new models to pass along although nothing has changed significantly. This is the hi-res HRRR

The 12 EURO is also in the house.

In general most of my area will see 1 to as much as 6 inches. The lightest will be in the northwest. The heaviest near and east of the Mississippi. This is the way the NWS sees it out of the Quad Cities. I think it looks reasonable.

The NWS in Des Moines shows this for totals.

You can see the developing snow bands on radar.

Here's some fun facts about Halloween snow thanks to the fine folks at the NWS in the Quad Cities. All of these sites will likely see their snowiest Halloween ever.

It's also going to be the coldest for highs with readings only in the 30s. Very cold conditions can be expected for trick or treating. This is a nice little graphic planner that's plenty spooky from the NWS.

That's all I have for now with 1 mile visibility in snow here at the home base in Marion, Iowa. It is beautiful! Roll weather...TS