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December is not a month known for rain, and it is typically a fairly "dry" month. Most of the Midwest averages between just one to two inches of precipitation. December is more so known for being a snowy month, but we haven't come by much rain or snow lately. Well, of course, until this weekend.

Here's a look at the precipitation accumulation from December 1-27:

Most areas have had less than a half an inch of precipitation for the entire month! As of 9 pm Saturday Cedar Rapids has picked up 0.79" of rain. Prior to Saturday the city had only picked up 0.12". The Quad Cities picked up 1.03" as of 9 pm Saturday and prior to that only had 0.26" for December. Serious catch up! Here's a look at the precipitation as of Saturday evening:

As this storm continues to move through there will be some rain showers into Sunday morning. The warmest temperatures will also occur late Saturday night through Sunday morning. Here's a look at the temperatures at around 4 am Sunday:

Temperatures will then start to fall through the day Sunday and bottom out Monday. As the storm pulls away there may be some wrap around moisture leading to some light snow Sunday night into Monday morning. Here's an animation of the precipitation Saturday night through Monday morning -

Any snowfall accumulation in the area will be rather light, with the heavier snow falling in Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Minnesota. We'll then be getting a reality check by Monday... after weeks of above normal temperatures we'll actually be right around "normal." (Average highs this time of year are typically upper 20s to low 30s). Here's Monday afternoon's temperatures:

We'll talk more about this "reality check," including how long it lasts, in my next post.


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