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This Saturday is the 60th Anniversary Celebration at Chestnut Mountain Resort In Galena. If you are looking for some family fun like me...put it on your to do list right now. During the day the Big Nut Open Ski and Snowboard Competition is going on with some of the best talent in the Midwest participating. The fires will be lit and the food and drinks flowing inside the resort. At night live entertainment is planned with Bowman Pickney and Evans providing the music from 8-11pm. Top that off with the Torchlight Parade and Fireworks over the mountain at 10pm. and you've got yourself a top notch winter day. I plan to be a part of it with some live remotes and videos. I hope to see you on the slopes this Saturday at Chestnut Mountain, the Midwest's Premier Year Round Resort!


That phantom storm we experienced is now working its way out of the great lakes and that has certainly brought temperatures back to reality after our spring fling Saturday and Sunday. Highs the rest of the week will be more representative of late February. Here's the meteogram for Davenport the next 5 days.

You can see why we warm this weekend by looking at the 500mb jet stream flow the EURO projects. Here's the colder air coming in from the north Wednesday that holds through Friday.

However, by mid-weekend the flow splits and the polar air retreats to the north along with the jet. That sends any cold air packing in a hurry.

As proof, here's the forecast departures for this Sunday. Much of the central Midwest is at least 20 degrees above the norms.

Here's what the EURO shows for highs Sunday afternoon. That's a sight for sore wintry eyes!

The verdict is out on how long the warmth lasts, but indications are that readings will cool a bit Tuesday yet stay well above normal in the 40s and 50s through at least Thursday of next week. Here's the 5 day average temperature departures Sunday March 1st through Thursday March 5th. That stronger March sun is doing its thing!

With such a strong zonal to NW flow the the next 10 days, it appears precipitation should be well below normal over that period. The EURO has this for 10 day departures. That continues a dry pattern that has existed the entire month of February.

Most of the snow the next 10 days occurs well to the north. The majority of what you see over Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan falls the next 24 hours.