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A wet weather system is still slated to bring showers and yes, even thunderstorms to the area over the next 48 hours. The precipitation will come in two distinct waves. The first cuts through the region early Wednesday before exiting late afternoon or evening. This is what the surface pattern looks like at mid-day.

Here are some projected rain totals for the first event.

The second round of rain (and this time storms) arrives late Wednesday night and brings occasional showers and thunderstorms to the area through Thursday night. Here's the late afternoon surface pattern Thursday

The EURO shows this for additional precipitation with this wave.

Combined the EURO has this for 48 hour totals.

The 12k NAM does this.

Without a doubt the potential is there for significant rain with dew points on the EURO shown reaching 60 as far north as Cedar Rapids. The 3k NAM goes to 62. It's been some time sinc