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A powerful cyclone will move through the country and bring heavy snow the the north, rain in the center, and severe weather to the south for Easter Sunday. Here's a look at the current warnings posted -- Winter Storm Warnings in pink and Winter Weather Advisories in purple.

In the Deep South there's the potential for a significant severe weather outbreak-- strong tornadoes, strong winds, large hail all a concern. Here's the outlook from the Storm Prediction Center for Sunday:

The red is a moderate, enhanced in orange due to very strong wind shear from a strong storm system moving through the U.S. In between will be my local area with mostly just rain on Sunday. Here's a wide view of the storm Sunday in the central/eastern part of the country:

You can see the divide in the Upper Midwest with the temperatures Sunday afternoon:

Some thunder and heavy rain will be possible in parts of eastern Iowa into Illinois/Missouri...

Most of the snow will fall in northwest Iowa into extreme southern Minnesota and into Wisconsin. Further to the south there will be the potential for a wintry mix to light snow late Sunday into Monday as colder air moves in. But here's the latest numbers..





There are still some differences in the exact placement and amounts.. there will be a lot of moisture with this system and there will also be a lot of wind that will lead to tough travel in these areas. This storm will then usher in even colder air for start of next week.


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