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Prior to the last few days, we had been pretty dry in the Upper Midwest... going back to around mid March. Here's a look at the precipitation totals for April... there really wasn't much.

Prior to May 12th, most of my local area had just picked up about a half an inch of rain for start of May. Now we've had some good rainfall events in the area (in some spots a little TOO much). Here's a look at the rainfall totals from the first event, this past Thursday into Friday:

And then Saturday to Sunday morning:

The heavy rain did lead to flash flooding, particularly in Illinois.

We had more rain though the day Sunday and more is expected on Monday, but shouldn't be significant totals. The heavier rain starts to shift to the northeast.

Then high pressure builds in and will lead to a dry rest of the week.

It'll be a good break from the rain, which will also be accompanied by warmer temperatures too in the 70s to near 80 degrees. We don't want too much rain at once, which would overwhelm the soils and river systems. The next chance for rain will then arrive late Friday (as the timing looks right now).

But for now the rain was beneficial and has allowed for things to continue to grow and green up around here!


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