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Some of you are here. Some of you may be nearby. Some of you may be reading this out of the state. I am here. In Cedar Rapids. The second largest city in the state had damage to most (if not all) of it's homes. Had power knocked out to the entire city. There are still over 100,000 people without power (as of me writing this at 9 pm on Saturday). Corn fields flattened. There are still power lines in the road. There are still trees on homes. There are people living in tents, in campers, in their cars. Iowa needs help.

These are some of the images from around the area...

Photo by Ron Allen:

There are tons of other communities too that were rocked by this storm, packing winds of 90 to 115 mph. From Marshalltown to Tama, Traer, Keystone, Blairstown, Norway, Ely, Palo, Marion, and more. Over 10 million acres of corn and soybeans damaged or totally flattened. Power outages. Homes destroyed and damaged.

If you're looking for ways to help there are tons of places to volunteer. There are also ways to donate.

Venmo: @iowaderecho or Iowa-GivingCrew

PayPal: or

The good news at the moment is that the weather is calm. And that's all we can ask for as we clean up. Unfortunately there are parts of the state that still need rain and are dealing with drought conditions.

A cold front came through Saturday morning, though, and is bringing in more pleasant air and drier weather.


Still warm, but humidity will be lower. Temperatures and humidity come down even more Monday and Tuesday:

Little to no rain is expected over the next week:

The weather will be fairly quiet. If you have the means please donate or come help in Iowa. We have a long road ahead.

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