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Before we get into the weather, I'm going to let you in on a special project I've been working on. I'm writing a brand new book on the August 10th Derecho which historically, could very well be the worst storm in Iowa Weather history. One of the key elements in telling the story will be pictures. I need good ones from all around Iowa. Not only can you help me, you can get your name, image, and community in the upcoming book.

To be clear, it NEEDS to be a captivating picture and it needs to be tied to the August 10th event. I don't need a split tree or some branches in a pile. I'm talking significant damage or something that is emotionally compelling. It has to meet the book worthy test to make the cut. Second, it has to be a fairly high resolution image so it doesn't come across blurry or grainy. If you have a serious candidate for us to consider it would be greatly appreciated. Please send it to

Here's an example of a picture by Paul Brooks Photography that fits the bill.

Most of you will have damage shots and here's some good examples of what I need here.

Additionally, Carolyn is compiling stories of survival and hope. If you or somebody you know has a potentially life threatening or especially compelling or heartwarming story, please give a brief description and send contact information to

Again, I can't promise your image will get in but it will get serious consideration and for sure you will get a virtual hug from me for making the effort to send your pictures and stories. Thank you!

One last thing. I am looking for a couple of sponsors for the book. Publishing and marketing costs are a big consideration for me, if you have a business and would like to have it promoted on the book I have available spots that go for $5,000. This will be a high quality in depth coffee table book with great pictures, stories, and a meteorological emphasis. I'll have all the aspects of this one of a kind storm covered. My goal is to make this the defining resource for this historic weather event for generations to come. Send your inquiries to Carolyn's email above.

As for the weather, there's not much to say other than we've got clear sailing ahead with no rain anticipated through at least the next week. Warm temperatures Wednesday in the 80s will be replaced with much cooler conditions Thursday and Friday as highs dip to the 60s.behind a dry frontal passage. Warmer and very pleasant conditions are slated for the weekend. Roll weather...TS

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