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Showers and thunderstorms came through Sunday and brought some good rain to the area and more is on the way. For reference here's the latest drought monitor for the region:

We're not in dire need of rain, but we are falling behind with abnormally dry conditions in southeast Iowa into portions of northern Illinois. We're running behind by around 3-4" of rainfall for the year and June is typically the wettest month of the year:

After Sunday's rain, there may be some leftovers in the early morning hours. We'll then have temperatures running slightly below normal in the afternoon with cloudy skies:

Showers and storms will be most likely in the early afternoon. Rain will be most likely the further south you go, as this develops on the north side of a complex moving through Missouri:

We'll be in between systems on Tuesday and get a chance to dry out briefly and temperatures will warm through the 70s:

There will then be another round of rain late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning:

Yet another system comes through Thursday night into Friday, but there will still be some details to sort out on timing and track:

We will have to keep an eye on flooding issues, especially if thunderstorms set up in the same spots over and over and we get too much rain at once. But this should generally be beneficial rainfall for the region.

We then will dry out in time for the weekend.