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Saturday was a summery day with temperatures running 15 to nearly 20 degrees above normal. Temperatures were still running above normal at 9 pm:

Sunday will still be a warm day but it won't feel as hot. Temperatures will rise above normal, back into the 80s:

Humidity will be slightly lower, which will lead to it feeling a bit less toasty. Dew points Saturday were in the 60s and they'll be closer to 50 on Sunday:

Moisture will be on the move in the evening as a warm front lifts north. It will also begin to spark showers and storms in the area, mainly after 8 pm:

Storms will continue into Monday, primarily in the morning:

Some storms could produce gusty winds and hail. However, the concern for severe weather increases on Tuesday. Here's the latest from the Storm Prediction Center:

With an approaching cold front, there will be a lot of instability and warmth in place. This will be coupled with strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere that will lead to a threat for damaging winds. Something we'll continue to asses in the coming days.

Rebecca Kopelman


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